Properly fit golf clubs are an essential part of any players game whether you are a beginner, or playing for a living. Improperly fit clubs force a player to compensate in order to hit the ball straight. These compensations invariably create swing flaws.

The golfer has several obstacles in getting clubs that fit them. Many manufacturers try to limit the options as it forces them to abandon their assembly line process. In addition, specification standards vary from company to company. For example, standard length for a club may vary from one company to the next by as much as 1 inch. Finally, a golfer can be overwhelmed by the technology and devices used in the fitting process. Some of this data is more marketing than useful information.

Jack has been fitting clubs for over 25 years using nearly every fitting system ever devised. He will help you separate the truth from the hype. And it is free of charge*

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*Golfers choosing to utilize TrackMan during their clubfitting will be charged a fee, which will be applied towards the purchase of clubs.